George Washington University is one of the best performing institutions of higher learning which continues to attract students not only from the US, but also from various parts of the world.


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The University’s exemplary performance is evidenced by the high quality of its alumni, some of whom include Colin Powell, a former US Secretary of State and Jacqueline Kennedy, a former first lady, and a number of legislators and other high-ranking personalities.

One of the most distinguishing features of the GW University is the quality of its Honors program. The University Honors Program attracts about 125 students each fall and to be one of the few selected for the program is simply a great honor.

The program does not only heighten the challenges experienced by students, but also increases the depth of their academic practice (The George Washington University, para. 1). The fact that students who join the University Honors Program are selected from among the best performing students in the country simply tells that this group is self-motivated, articulate, brilliant, and focused on making some changes in the world.

In addition, they display a high level of intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn new concepts everyday. Being a part of this wonderful group would increase my intellectual prowess by a great margin (The George Washington University, para. 2).

A second aspect of the GW Honors Program that interests me is the level of intellectual engagement among the honors students with their professors. This group is inspired by academic challenge and thought-provoking and practical questions that model them to be world changers.

The program also aids students in polishing their analytical and communicative abilities, expands their comprehension, and broadens their perspectives (The George Washington University, para. 1).


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Due to its small size, the Honors Program cultivates the culture of companionship sustained by shared academic and co-curricular activities among the students.

Indeed, the various co-curricular activities enjoyed by students joining the program include symposia, pub debates and theater productions; they strengthen the companionship and serve to increase my desire to join the Honors Program at the GW University (Frawley, para. 2).

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