This site belongs to “Mothers against Drunk Driving” (MADD), a voluntary and a non-profit organization that aims at stopping drunk driving. MADD is based in the United States and seeks to protect and support victims of drunken driving. Other objectives of the organization include acting against teen drinking and supporting stringent measures against dunk driving.

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The organization was established in 1980 by its pioneer Candice Lightner, a mother whose child suffered a tragic death due to carelessness of a drunk driver. MADD has grown significantly since its establishment; at present has approximately six hundred state organizations.

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The organization has community action teams in fifty states in United States. The organization has grown to penetrate Guam, Canada and Puerto Rico, where it has affiliates. MADD’s membership and support is currently estimated at three million people in the US alone (Hamilton 90).

MADD’s site is useful to the general public in countries where it has support and membership. It is useful to victims of drunken driving and to the families of the deceased victims as a result of drunk driving. In the US, MADD is the leading,25.htm organization in campaign against drunk driving. The organization inception in 1980 was characterized by a change of public’s perception towards effects of alcohol on drivers.

The organization was established after a thirteen year old girl was hit and killed by a notorious drunkard in California. Her mother contributed significantly to form and popularize the organization. She was joined by other women in the US to campaign against the lax system that had failed repetitively to deal with the infamous violent crime. Since its inception, MADD has aided the passing of anti-drinking, drunk driving, victims’ rights and underage drinking prevention acts and laws in the US (Hamilton 90).

Information from the site suggests that MADD is a very important global contributor in helping accident victims. Its leadership and organization is made of twenty-six members who act as the national board of directors. The leadership includes a youth director mandated to manage MADD’s business and to carry out research to form the public policy positions.

The lawmaking agendas of MADD are guided by these policy positions. The policies guide in determination of relevant and effective actions against drunken driving challenges. In Texas, the MADD’s National Executive Director manages the national office. This office is responsible for formation of public policies and design of awareness programs. The director oversees formation and execution of victims support and public relations programs. writers

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MADD’s funding is gathered from personal contributions, monetary gifts from corporations, government’s aids and grants, foundations, promotions and licenses (Hamilton 90). In the website under “sponsor’s” link, MADD supporters are categorized under the following:

Presenting Sponsors: under this category, Nationwide Insurance is listed that encourages connection of parents and children to stop underage drinking. State Farm encourages formation of programs that involves teens in the fight against underage drinking.

Supporters: under supporters the General Motors Foundation and Auto Alliance Driving Innovation have been listed reliable

Contributing Sponsors: Aftermath, PM Solutions Group and Smart Sign have been listed under contributing sponsors.


Strategic Alliance Partners: Dial America contributes aid in magazine subscription sales. Hill Street Marketing partnership with MADD offers a variety of beverages with 0% alcohol. Knology Inc offers media support to MADD’s campaigns.

Local Sponsors: under local supporters, companies like Bachus &Schanker, Goldberg &Osborne, Bell & Pollock and Hyundai have been listed (MADD 1).

The site has a “media center” link that is very informative and up to date. In the media centre, links to featured press release and MADD’s statements have been provided. By following the link, MADD has provided an overview of the effectiveness of its programs and budgeting. MADD has provided information regarding the lives that have been saved and the positive impact derived by its programs.

MADD has highlighted the relevance and the success of its missions. United States has benefited and progressed in reducing deaths and injuries resulting from drunken driving. MADD notes that although road accidents and associated injuries have reduced, drunken driving crimes are still rampant (MADD 1).

From the website, I have learned that MADD is a non-profit organization, and therefore it faces the challenge of public endorsement. The organization also faces the challenge of changing the mindset of public regarding its ultimate message of “not dinking and driving”. However, MADD continues to strengthen the current laws and campaigning for new driving laws. MADD’s factsheet available in the site is very informative.

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Information about the latest life saving devices and their effectiveness is available in details. The factsheet also contains details of MADD’s campaign against drunken driving that was introduced in 2006. The factsheet contains the details of upcoming technology in motor and insurance industry. Other important details include underage drinking facts, the drunken driving enforcement details and the statistics that rank drunk driving as the most often committed, vicious offense in the US (MADD 1).

In the website under “victim services,” comprehensive information concerning services provided by MADD to accident victims of drunken driving has been provided. MADD appreciates the lifelong effects of the injuries or deaths sustained in accidents; all these services are in line with this thought.

As stated under victim services, MADD’s benevolence services benefits one victim every eight minutes in the United States; these services are free of charge. Under finding support, details of services that follow a crash are provided. In essence, MADD provides emotional support, legal aid, relevant references and support materials to victims. Legal aid includes advocacy in criminal justice system, accompanying them to court and preparation of legal documents (MADD 1).

The website contains comprehensive information covering the rights of victims. As the largest and most acknowledged victim service organization, MADD ensures that victim’s rights are observed. MADD advices victims as per the 2004 Victim Rights Act and assists in preparation of victim’s impact document and offender’s notification.

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A section of the website honors the victims or the survivors of drunken driving. Survivors and their families are honored and consoled; departed victims are honored to remember their contributions and to keep their good memories (MADD 1).

In my opinion, the site is very useful and I would consider using it later in an event that I become a victim of drunken driving. MADD’s track record is commendable and its activities are based on informed decisions. After perusing the site, I found the site quite informative and helpful. MADD is a successful political movement organized around compelling issues of drunken driving. It is based on shared concerns of a particular social group, and has attempted to restore social order in the society.

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